DCIS Lecture Series 2022-2023

The 2022-2023 Lecture Series for the Delaware County Institute of Science is scheduled for October 2022-May 2023. The monthly sessions will take place online via Zoom or in person (see schedule for details). Sessions are free and open to anyone - please note that pre-registration is required for Zoom-only sessions.

All talks begin at 7:30PM. For the sessions at DCIS, the doors open at 7PM.


Monday, October 10 - in person at DCIS

  • Changing oceans: Anthropogenic impacts on the early development of marine organisms--  Dr. Karen Chan (Swarthmore College)

    • Anthropogenic climate change and other emergent pollutants are rapidly changing our planet. Many marine organisms have complex life histories and some stages are deemed more vulnerable than others. We will explore the impacts of these stressors on key marine invertebrates and the potential for resilience. 

Monday, November 14 - in person at DCIS

  • The Mathematics of Art and the Art of Mathematics -- Dr. Samantha Pezzimenti (Penn State Brandywine)

    • While math has always been used in creating art, math can also be the inspiration for the art itself. In this talk, I will briefly present some examples of mathematics used by artists throughout history, followed by examples of artists who represent mathematical principles in their work. In addition to the greats from Leonardo DaVinci to M.C. Escher, I will introduce some current work in this area such as the Mathemalchemy group of twenty-four mathematicians and artists creating a large-scale mathematical art installation.

Monday, December 12 - online in Zoom (*Register here for Zoom link*)

  • The energetic impacts of disease: a case study of white-nose syndrome in southeastern bats -- Dr. Catherine Haase (Austin Peay State University)

    • Many North American bats are facing serious threats from changing environments and disease. White-nose syndrome is one of those threats and has impacted many species of bats across North America, leading to mortality in millions of bats since its first observation in 2006. I will discuss basic biology of bats, their ecological and economic importance, how white-nose syndrome impacts hibernating bats through behavioral changes leading to energetic losses, and the current research working to help combat this disease.


Monday, January 9 - online in Zoom 

  • Space Weather and Solar Storms: Updates from the NOAA/NWS Space Weather Prediction Center --  NOAA/NWS Space Weather


Monday, February 13 - online in Zoom 

  • A climate and ocean record, from plankton to fossils  --  Dr. Claire Routledge (Univ. of Kiel/Germany)

Monday, March 13 - in person at DCIS

  • Astronomy --  Dr. Eric Jenson (Swarthmore College)

Monday, April 17 - in person at DCIS

  • Zero-Waste Initiatives, from Transition Town Media  --  TTM Committee

Monday, May 8 - in person at DCIS 

  • Why are there so few women in the history of science? One wrong and three right answers  --  Dr. Roger Turner (Science History Institute)


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