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DCIS Lecture Series 2023-2024

The 2023-2024 Lecture Series for the Delaware County Institute of Science is scheduled for October 2023-May 2024. The monthly sessions will take place online via Zoom or in person (see schedule for details). Sessions are free and open to anyone - please note that pre-registration is required for Zoom-only sessions.

All talks begin at 7:30PM. For the sessions at DCIS, the doors open at 7PM.


Monday, October 16 2023 - in person at DCIS

  • The Effect of Human Lighting on Migratory Birds--  Dr. Jeff Buler (University of Delaware)

Monday, November 13 2023 - in person at DCIS

  • Coastal ghost forests -- Dr. LeeAnn Haaf (Partnership for the Delaware Estuary)

Monday, December 11 2023 - in person at DCIS

  • Stories of uncovering radioactive mysteries in the Delaware Valley -- Dr. William Belanger (nuclear physicist - retired)


Monday, January 8 2024 - online in Zoom (recording on DCIS YouTube)

  • Tales of tessellations --  Dr. Alissa Crans (Loyola Marymount University)​​

Monday, February 12 2024 - online in Zoom (recording on DCIS YouTube)

  • A scam or democracy's savior? A mathematician's perspective on ranked choice voting  --  Dr. Adam Graham-Squire (Highpoint University)

Monday, March 11 2024 - in person at DCIS

  • Green chemistry - the promotion of green and sustainable practices in chemistry --  Dr. Loyd Bastin (Widener University)

Monday, April 8 2024 - in person at DCIS

  • The hippocampus: a brain region worth remembering  --  Dr. Amelia Eisch (University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine)

Monday, May 13 2024 - in person at DCIS 

  • From dark chocolate to red wine - the fascinating world of flavonoids!  --  Dr. Anna Sigmon (Penn State Brandywine)​ 


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Science Behind Climate Solutions series,
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