DCIS Lecture Series 2022-2023

The 2022-2023 Lecture Series for the Delaware County Institute of Science is scheduled for October 2022-May 2023. The monthly sessions will take place online via Zoom or in person (see schedule for details). Sessions are free and open to anyone - please note that pre-registration is required for Zoom-only sessions.


Monday, October 10 - in person at DCIS

  • Marine Biology --  Dr. Karen Chan (Swarthmore College)

Monday, November 14 - in person at DCIS

  • Mathematics and Art  -- Dr. Samantha Pezzimenti (Penn State Brandywine)

Monday, December 12 - online in Zoom 

  • The energetic impacts of disease: a case study of white-nose syndrome in southeastern bats -- Dr. Catherine Haase (Austin Peay State University)


Monday, January 9 - online in Zoom 

  • Space Weather and Solar Storms: Updates from the NOAA/NWS Space Weather Prediction Center --  NOAA/NWS Space Weather


Monday, February 13 - online in Zoom 

  • A climate and ocean record, from plankton to fossils  --  Dr. Claire Routledge (Univ. of Kiel/Germany)

Monday, March 13 - in person at DCIS

  • Astronomy --  Dr. Eric Jenson (Swarthmore College)

Monday, April 17 - in person at DCIS

  • Zero-Waste Initiatives, from Transition Town Media  --  TTM Committee

Monday, May 8 - in person at DCIS 

  • Why are there so few women in the history of science? One wrong and three right answers  --  Dr. Roger Turner (Science History Institute)


To learn more about our previous speakers and to view recordings from the Science Behind Climate Solutions series, visit our Previous Lectures page.