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The Science Behind Climate Solutions (Drawdown DCIS series)


The Delaware County Institute of Science continued its virtual engagement for DCIS members and the greater community in 2021with a program to educate and engage individuals on the science and solutions to global warming. We connected for monthly discussions lasting one hour, focusing on the first four Project Drawdown sectors, tapping into this international organization's efforts to reach "drawdown" (the point in the future when greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline). We all have a role we can play in addressing climate change, and the most important first step is to talk about this subject.

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  • Thursday, March 25 – Overview of Project Drawdown and the Drawdown Ecochallenge (view recording)


  • Thursday, April 29 – discussion on Drawdown sector for Electricity (view recording)


  • Thursday, May 27 – discussion on Drawdown sector for Food, Agriculture, and Land Use (view recording)


  • Thursday, June 24 – discussion on Drawdown sector for Industry (view recording)

DCIS Lecture Series 2020-2021

The 2020-2021 Lecture Series for the Delaware County Institute of Science (Media, PA) went virtual for the year.  We thank the following presenters for being a part of our first-ever fully virtual series.

  • Ahab's Rolling Sea: Tracing Our Perceptions of the Ocean through Moby-Dick   --  Dr. Richard J. King

  • Journey to the Moon: from Apollo to Artemis and why the Moon rocks  -- Dr. Juliane Gross 

  • The Arctic Fire Regime - Current Status, Future Implications, and Your Role as a Citizen(-Scientist)  --  Dr. Jessica McCarty 

  • What lies beneath: Exploring the hydrosphere beneath the Antarctic ice sheet  --  Dr. Matthew Siegfried

  • Eating Insects… on Purpose: Moving Towards Sustainable Foods  --   Dr. Emily Moscato

  • The American Chestnut Tree, Conservation and Restoration  --  Dr. Daniel O'Keefe

Visit the 2020-2021 Lecture Schedule to learn more about our speakers and to explore their recommended resources: